Featured Programs

The Unbalanced Breakfast Club: Mon-Fri 6-9AM. Every weekday join the hosts of the Unbalanced Breakfast Club for the freshest alternative rock, your latest News, Sports & Weather, Music News and daily giveaways. Start your day off with a big cup of coffee and the Unbalanced Breakfast Club.

Community Connections: Our community faces many different challenges and concerns. Community Connections is a public service program that focuses on local causes and concerns. Hosted and produced by the WHSN news staff. If your non-profit group or organization would like to be featured in a future Community Connections show on WHSN email whsn@husson.edu

Lucky 13, Saturday Nights at 6: Count down the Top 13 hit songs of the week  every Saturday night at six o'clock.

Upcoming Voices, Thursday at 5:30PM: A weekly feature that highlights young writers coming out of Bangor & John Bapst Memorial High Schools

Bring Your A Game, Wednesday at 12:30PM: Our weekly feature on video game news & reviews

The Hub: Produced in partnership with the Counseling Center at Husson University, the Hub focuses on mental and physical health & well-being.

Spiritual Programs

Spiritual Awakening: Sun 10am James Bean hosts this non-denominational half-hour program that discusses all types of religion. Through music, books and interviews, James Bean opens your mind to spirituality from around the globe. www.spiritualawakeningradio.com

First Radio Parish Church Of America: Sun 10:30am. Hosted by Rev. Peter Panagore, FRPCA is a non-denominational religious program that offers inspirational music and messages that approach religion in a fresh and unique away. www.dailydevotions.org